Friar's Walk, Newport, 650k

Client: Bowmer & Kirkland

Location: Newport

Value: 650k


Contract Details:

13000m2 of Yorkstone, granite and concrete paving to the shopping and leisure areas, car parks and the bus station. Included the installation of planters and a granite staircase linking the upper and lower levels of the complex.Photo 08-12-2015, 07 59 29 Photo 08-12-2015, 07 58 52 Photo 22-11-2015, 00 11 24 Photo 28-11-2015, 06 39 19 Photo 22-11-2015, 00 11 14 Photo 19-11-2015, 04 44 45 Photo 19-11-2015, 04 44 38

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